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What to do when you smell gas or suspect a gas leak

FREE Call: 0800 111 999 | Minicom/Textphone: 0800 371 787


  • Do NOT Smoke or strike matches
  • Do NOT turn electrical switches on or off


  • Put out naked gas flames
  • Turn off the meter at the control valve
  • Open doors and windows
  • Keep people away from the affected area
  • Get medical help if you are feeling unwell

Switch Off Your Gas

Gas Valve on offFind the Isolation Valve at your meter. To turn off the valve simply pull or push the valve into a horizontal position so it sits at a 90 Degrees angle to the valve.

Red Isolated Pipes with Valves


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Frequently Asked

Do you have a Call-Out Charge?

Quotations on new boilers and radiators usually (with few exceptions) do not carry a call-out charge and a price for the whole project is given to the customer. For repairs we charge a Diagnostics Charge of £95 which is credited back to the customer as the first hours labour when the repair is carried out (most repairs can be carried out within that first hour).

I need a new boiler. Do you charge me a call out to give me a quote on a new boiler?

No. If you need a new boiler fitted Capital Boilers is happy to come to your home and give you a FREE quote

I need a new boiler. Do you charge me a call out to give me a quote on a new boiler?

No. If you need a new boiler fitted Capital Boilers is happy to come to your home and give you a FREE quote

If I call out Capital Boilers to come to my home to repair my boiler how are the charges broken down?

Capital Boilers always aim to repair your boiler as quickly as possible and the engineer will diagnose any fault as soon as he can and will charge £75 as well as tell you the cost of repair and if any parts are needed.

What is an annual service and why do I need it done?

It is very important that you get your boiler serviced each year. All manufacturers and Gas Safe advises that it should be done. A service ensures that your gas boiler is safe and working correctly. You may also find that your Home Insurance Company insists on a boiler service for your yearly cover – check your policy for details.

I have been told my fan in the boiler is broken. Do I have to get the fan for you to fix it for me?

No. Please, don’t buy anything until the engineer has diagnosed why the fan is not working. Should it need a replacement fan it will be supplied for you, with a 1 Year Guarantee.

My landlord asked me to call Capital Boilers to repair my boiler. Do you invoice him?

Only if your landlord is an account customer with Capital Boilers he will be invoiced. If you have been instructed to call us without your landlord being an account customer, we will usually ask you for the payment and give you a receipt.

Do you only fix/install boilers?

No. Capital Boilers can also fit gas hobs, gas firers, gas cookers, gas water heaters and gas boilers. For a full listing of all Heating and Plumbing Services please go to the menu and click on ‘Services’

I called out a plumber to fix my boiler and he told me that he doesn't do that job. I thought ALL plumbers fix boilers?

No, not all plumbers repair boilers. 90 % of plumbers only deal with the water side of plumbing (e.g toilet, sink, bath etc) and are often not ‘Gas Safe’ (previously Corgi) registered. Heating engineers (like Capital Boilers) can do the heating and the water side of any plumbing job.

Why is my hot water not as hot as it used to be?

You may find that you have a small problem with your boiler. There are a some tests that the engineer can carry out to identify any faults. If a fault is diagnosed he will tell you the cost and of course you will get a one year guarantee on the work.

I want a radiator fitted in my home. Will you charge me to have a look ?

No. Capital Boilers is happy to come to your home to give you a price on fitting only or supply and fit you new radiator for you.

Do you take the old boiler/radiators away or do I pay for that extra?

Old boilers are taken for recycling at no cost and any mess is cleared. However we do not box-in pipework unless specified at the the time of the quote.

If you repair my boiler and a month later it breaks down again will you charge me again?

No, there is no charge. Any work carried out by Capital Boilers is guarantee for 1 year which includes any parts fitted that were supplied by the engineer.

If Capital Boilers fitted my new boiler and after 3 months it brakes down do I call the manufacture or Capital Boilers?

The recommendation is to call us first because it is a quicker process for you. The engineer will get there the same day or the next. Once the new boiler has been assessed the engineer will know if it is a manufacture repair or not and take the appropriate action.

Can I buy the part myself and you fit it for me ?

Yes. You can buy your own parts, BUT no guarantee can be issued for it by Capital Boilers for you. Should you supply the wrong part in error a fitting payment will still be required.

I smelled gas and called out Tranco (National Grid) who turn my gas off. They told me I MUST use a qualified gas engineer to repair the leak. Is this something Capital Boilers can do?

Yes. Capital Boilers is fully qualified and registered with Gas Safe to do this work for you. The gas leak will be found and repaired safely.

Can you carry out testing and provide Landlords Gas Safety Certificates?

Yes. Discounts are available for 5 and 10 bookings for the same day. All you need to do is call David on 07951 521 281 to make the booking.

We are moving home to a new house. Can your company come and disconnect our cooker, washing machine and dishwasher as well as reinstall them in our new house?

Yes. At the same time Capital Boilers can check your boiler in your new home for you and tell you how to use it safely.